Detective Pat Norelli is solving cases at breakneck speed, but there’s one murderer that still haunts her sleep, the serial killer known as
The Poser.

About The Impostor

When Norelli’s close friend turns up dead, evidence makes her a prime suspect. Knowing it’s only a matter of time before Internal Affairs brings her in, she seeks help from several unexpected allies and quickly finds herself on an international manhunt. In a race against the clock, she will break more than a few rules to clear her name and bring the true killer to justice.

About David

I spent the first 25 years of my professional life as a Radio Host and Voiceover artist. Along the way, I’ve worked as an Actor in front of the camera, and as Director behind the camera.

Now, in my “third chapter of life,” I’m crafting page-turning Thrillers.

Fun fact: I turned my first self-pub’d book into the film, Chasing Grace. You can watch it on many streaming services.

The Impostor, Detective Pat Norelli's sequel, is available now! 


When Oscar-winning actress Meredith Johansen turns up dead the night after her big win, was it murder or suicide? A note penned by Johansen says one thing. But the gut instinct of rookie Detective Pat Norelli says a serial killer may be on the loose.


Praise for David Temple

“It was obvious a lot of research was done, as I felt like I was right there. Plus, it left me looking forward to a sequel. What about a trilogy? I highly recommend The Poser if you're looking for an immersive WHO-DUN-IT murder mystery with twists and turns that's sure to keep you satisfied!”

—Danny from Miami, 5/5 stars. "Where's the sequel?" 

“I literally couldn't put it down! Detective Norelli in one word: AWESOME. If you're into books that keep you on the edge of your seat, make you say "no way" out loud, and can't wait for the movie, The Poser is just the book for you. Someone please send me a list of Temple's other thrillers. Way, Way into this book, great work David! I'm placing my order for more Detective Norelli!”

—Tim Buss, CA, 5/5 stars, "Waiting for the movie!"

“In The Impostor, Temple creates a creepy and camouflaged villian whom readers will love to hate ... while cheering for the gritty female Detective Pat Norelli who vows to stop his madness!"

— K.L. Romo, BookTrib's Top Reviewer - 4/5 stars

“So you want to know who killed Meredith? You’ll find out, but it’s gonna be a wild ride getting there. Not for the faint of heart, but once you’re hooked, you can’t let go. Detective Pat Norelli and the cast of likable, and not-so-likable characters, are described so well you feel like you’re there with them. Let me tell you something, and you'll see what I mean soon, Book 2 will not be ready fast enough!” 

—Pam Magnus, San Diego, 5/5 stars for THE POSER

“A page-turning thriller in the tradition of James Patterson and Harlan Coben. Intrigue and suspense at every turn. Well-defined characters that had me casting who would play the part in the inevitable movie. Keep them coming, David Temple; can't wait for the next one!"

— Zoidface, 4/5 stars. "A suspenseful, intriguing page-turner!"

“Sometimes the hunter feels like the hunted. Spicy characters introduced along the way keep you guessing. The Impostor is a chase to the end, and when finished you want more because you're hooked!"

— Pam M., 5/5 stars. "Norelli is one badass detective!"

“I absolutely loved The Poser. It's one of the best suspense thrillers I've read, and trust me, I've read a LOT of them! The crazy cast of characters kept the book interesting. Be looking for David Temple's name to appear on the New York Times Bestsellers list!”

—Geri B. 5/5 Stars. "A page-turning thriller that delivers!"

“Temple offers the reader yet another well-developed piece, presenting a strong police procedural with an international flavor. Those who read the series debut are easily swept into the continuation, and find the intensity has not lagged a year later. The race is on and while settings constantly change, there's an element of surprise in each chapter, which culminates in something truly captivating!”

—Matt pechey, GoodReads Top Reviewer
"A high-impact ride that keeps you guessing!"

“In The Impostor, the main character is pure evil...while Norelli is my heroine. She's fun, bad-mouthed, and willing to do good. We need more Norelli's in this world!"

— Claudete N., 5/5 stars. "Beautifully written, good humor, fast-paced, and lots of action!"

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