Tori Eldridge, Thriller Author & 5th Degree Blackbelt

I’m happy to welcome Tori Eldridge to my podcast, and here on my website. Tori is a gal who has literally done it all! She’s been an actor, a singer, and a dancer, but she is perhaps best known for her ass-kicking black-belt Ninja talents and her riveting Lily Wong thriller series.

Today, Tori and I get to chat about a wide variety of topics…from the best asian teas in the world, to one of my favorite topics: barbecue ribs, ninja sock puppets, and of course, her recent smash hit, The Ninja Betrayed.

Special Bonuses on The Thriller Zone:

The Ninja Betrayed, The Ninja’s Blade, and The Ninja Daughter are the three books in her Lily Wong Thriller Series. She also has a new book coming out May 24, 2022 called Dance Among The Flames

Favorite Tea we discuss: Dragon Well, Sencha, Jasmine, Assam, Darjeeling, Chrysanthemum.

We discuss her Hoisin Hickory Ribs: Recipe is included, a fave new restaurant that my wife, Tammy, and I frequent in Del Mar called International Smoke, 3387 Del Mar Heights SD, CA 92130 – 619-331-4528

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Special Thanks to for their incoming selections of fine tea, thanks to my getting introduced to a whole new world of beverages, thanks to my new friend, Tori Eldridge.

As for my becoming a Ninja like her? Well, that remains to be seen.

Until next time, be safe out there, and be sure to get in The Thriller Zone!




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