The Impostor

Release Date: Coming Summer 2021



Detective Pat Norelli proved to her co-workers, her family, and herself she had what it takes to become a first-class detective. In Norelli’s debut novel, The Poser, she discovered the serial killer who murdered Meredith Johansen and several of Meredith's close friends. She also unearthed a long list of victims who were murdered by the same deeply disturbed man.

And while he may have escaped, Norelli cannot seem to get him—or the craftiness of his evil deeds—out of her head.

Now, with the killer fleeing in the wind and her career stalling in place, Norelli decides to double down and stop at nothing to track him, then put him away for good-no matter the cost.

Stay tuned to read the page-ripping sequel thriller in the Pat Norelli Series. The Impostor arrives Summer 2021.

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