About Chasing Grace

I wrote my very first novel Discovering Grace in 2009. A year later, I turned it into the screenplay, Chasing Grace. It was a passion project and an homage to my late father, a well-respected Minister in his community, and my childhood hero. He felt most of life’s decisions were black or white, and believed it best not to live in the gray in-between.

Chasing Grace tells the story of what happens to a small town pastor’s family when their world is rocked by an unthinkable tragedy. The beloved minister soon finds himself conflicted in the aftermath of loss, and sets out to use the gray in-between to navigate his choices. Soon, the family comes to term with their pain, as they experience the power of forgiveness.

Chasing Grace sold within a year of shooting, and today lives on both Netflix and AmazonPrime. It can be seen in over 100 countries around the world.   -David Temple, Writer/Director/Producer/Actor

Film Excerpt 

Fooling Yourself Is Easy. Forgiving Yourself Isn’t.

It’s a perfect afternoon in small-town America, as the Matheson family celebrate Grace’s ninth birthday. But when an unimaginable accident happens, it threatens to tear the family apart, as it threatens their faith.

Soon, an incredible transformation begins to take place, as the Mission Grove community comes to realize that even as bad things happen to good people, time truly can heal all wounds.

Chasing Grace is based upon real events and is full of rich characters wrapped in complex drama and poignant lessons. It’s a powerful story of how a family learns to transform the pain of loss into the power of love, and how it’s as important to forgive yourself, as it is to forgive others.


Watch this Extended Trailer and enjoy the first 12-minutes of the film