Lucky Strikes

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Published by: 82 MERCER Publishing
Release Date: December 1, 2019
Pages: 206
ISBN13: 978-0989186537



Carter Matheson is a hunter. He hunts bad men. And when the government needs a problem to disappear Carter disappears them. Permanently.

When the Deputy Director of National Security learns a leak inside the White House is one of their own and they are trading secrets with the enemy, the semi-retired Special Operative hitman assembles a team to find them.

Bouncing from his home in the Blue Ridge Mountains, to his contact in Wilmington, North Carolina, Carter lands in Nicaragua of all places, and is soon on the the trail...of someone on his trail.

Follow Carter and his team as they find the leak in the system...then fill it full of lead.

If you like Lee Child's Jack Reacher, you'll enjoy the addictive Carter Matheson Series.

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“True to David Temple's established style, this book gets going and never slows down. Whether clandestine missions are your thing or not, all readers will appreciate the surprises at ever corner, the masterful, sometimes hilarious banter between characters and getting to know "Lucky" who narrates the whole thing first-person. Seriously, you will find yourself reading faster and faster as the plot thickens and the story threatens to outpace your eyes. Carter, a.k.a. Lucky, is the kind of character that sticks to you and makes you feel like you've known him forever.”
-Mae P., GA

“Alot of action that kept me reading and ready for his next novel.”
-Tom P., NC

“Watch out James Patterson, David Temple is on your tail. Gripping from the first page. Can't wait to read more!”
-Meg L., SC

“This book is fast, action packed and vulgar. I loved it. Written in the first person too, which was refreshing. Looking forward to the sequel!”
- John A., NC