Knuckle Down

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Published by: 82 MERCER Publishing
Release Date: August 1, 2016
Pages: 349
ISBN13: 978-0989186599

 New York City Mayor Lukas Burton’s only daughter vanishes from Central Park in the middle of the day, right from under her Nanny’s nose, leaving no clues at all.

Within hours, the kidnappers create a spectacle by displaying their chilling ransom note on dozens of screens in the middle of Times Square.

Burton pays an enormous ransom and his daughter is returned. But now young Abigail is rigged with enough explosives to destroy the Upper Eastside’s Gracie Mansion.

The kidnappers raise the stakes, asking for a second ransom that could bankrupt the Mayor and ruin his chances of becoming the next President of the United States.

Terrified and impatient, Burton’s wife Clare takes matters in her hands, calling on an old flame, Carter Matheson, to use his Special Ops prowess to hunt down the terrorists and save their daughter.

Facing an impossible deadline, a human bomb, and an invisible opponent with too much power, Carter and team must race the clock and disarm the situation before all hell breaks loose.

If you enjoy thrillers that have you staying up late into the night, turning pages at a feverish pace, then you will love the third book in the Carter Matheson Series.

Readers have compared David Temple’s Carter Matheson to John Sanford’s Lucas Davenport and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher. One thing is sure: You can’t put it down!

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“True to David’s established style, this book gets going and never slows down. Whether clandestine missions are your thing…all readers will appreciate surprises at every corner, the masterful and hilarious banter between characters, and getting to know 'Lucky'…the kind of character that sticks with you and makes you feel like you’ve known him forever.”
-Mae Parker, GA

“A page-turning thriller in the tradition of Harlan Coben and James Patterson. Intrigue and suspense at every turn. Well-defined characters that had me casting who would play the part in the inevitable movie. Keep them coming David Temple!”
-Zoidface, British Virgin Islands

“This book is fast, and action-packed. I loved it. Written in the first person was refreshing. Looking forward to the sequel.”
-John Abrahamson, NC

“Watch out James Patterson, Temple's on your tail. Gripping from the first page. Can’t wait to read more.”
-Meg Lagares, SC

“The story hits the ground running and has the reader’s adrenaline pumping. This author just keeps getting better. Fast-paced, action-packed adventure, full of twists and turns, keeping your interest to the very end. If you liked Lucky Strikes and Behind The 8 Ball, you'll LOVE Knuckle Down.”
-Kay Switzer, VA

“I just finished Temple’s Knuckle Down, by far his best book yet. Captivating and intriguing, it’s hard to put down. And while this is the 3rd in the series, you don’t have to read the first 2. Looking forward to the next book in the series.”
- Tom P, NC


Midtown Manhattan, 11 A.M.

Donovan focused on the body lying on the table in front of him as though it were the last thing he would ever see. His concentration was unfaltering. His hands moved delicately yet precisely.

“This is taking longer than expected,” his assistant Mo said quietly.

“Perfection takes time,” Donovan grinned.

While most people conducting this procedure would be sweating bullets. Not Donovan—even though she wiped his brow every few minutes.

“You good?” she asked, already knowing the answer.




Maiko “Mo” Wang was Japanese and had been Donovan’s assistant and girlfriend for the past ten years. She knew him well, and could tell when he was bluffing. Today, she wasn’t sure. Attentive, she admired the skill with which his hands worked and the effortless way the razor sharp tool sliced through tender skin.

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