Behind the 8 Ball

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Published by: 82 MERCER Publishing
Release Date: June 25, 2020
Pages: 201
ISBN13: 978-1658699358



When Carter Matheson and Mack McKenzie learn Carter's father Lt. Col. "Bulldog" Matheson and business partner Sergeant Black are kidnapped during a return flight from Nicaragua, Carter and team jump back into the sh#t!

Their investigation leads them to Havana, Cuba for a confrontation with the dangerous drugs & arms dealer, Donovan Blair. Known as Scorpion, Blair is working with the double-crossing Washington Whip Dr. Leonard Caprese.

Once again trading information for arms, along with a heavy dose of cash for added incentive, Carter and his team struggle to save lives under the most dangerous of circumstances. Set just days after the end of Lucky Strikes, this compulsive thriller turns up the heat as Carter spares no expense (or ammunition) in bringing down one of the world's most notorious killers.

Lives are on the line as money, drugs and power form the divide between good and evil. Dangerous men with dark intentions threaten not only the lives of Carter and his crew but America's national security.

If you enjoy Lee Child's Jack Reacher and Jack Carr's James Reese, you will devour the pages of David Temple's Carter Matheson Thriller Series.

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“This author just keeps getting better! I had been eagerly waiting for the next “Carter Matheson” Series Book to be released and the wait was surely worth it! This is a fast-paced, action-packed adventure, full of twists and turns, keeping your interest to the very end. This author also shows a bit of fun and playfulness in his writing, tossing in witty phrases, descriptions, conversations, alliteration, etc. Hurry up, Temple, and get this next one published!”
-Kay S., NC


“A LOT of action that kept me reading. Yeah, I'm ready for David's sequel!”
-Tom P., NC