Temple Shoots for the Next Thrill in Both Life and Art

BookTrib interview Temple

This article comes from the BookTrib, the leading source for book news & reviews. Author David Temple sure knows how to set a mood and set the scene. His latest police drama, The Imposter (82 Mercer Publishing), delivers all the edge-of-your-seat thrills you could want plus all the entertainment value you could expect from career experience as a radio star.…

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The Thriller Zone Bonus Podcast 2 featuring: The Poser

Welcome to the second BONUS EPISODE of THE THRILLER ZONE Podcast, featuring The Poser. Recently, I came up with an idea to offer some additional thriller entertainment to my listeners with a work of my own. Last year I released the mystery/thriller The Poser, based upon my character, Hollywood Detective Pat Norelli, and shortly after,…

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Megan Collins has written a chilling novel, The Family Plot

Megan Collins Thriller Writer

THEY LOVE TRUE CRIME—UNTIL THEY’RE AT THE CENTER OF ONE! That’s the pitch behind The Family Plot by thriller writer Megan Collins. Megan also wrote The Winter Sister and Behind the Red Door. But The Family Plot, which drops on 8/17 is most likely her darkest work to date. As a bit of backstory: When…

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Thriller Writer Sharon Doering is dark and funny

Thriller Zone - Sharon Doering

Thriller writer Sharon Doering may have grown up in a normal suburban neighborhood outside Chicago, with normal parents, who worked normal jobs, while living a normal life. And even though Sharon, a wife and mother of three children, does most of the normal things an American housewife does, she has been getting away with murder.…

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Someone hijacked my show

Well, here’s a first: I have someone interviewing me on my own show! As promised here’s another edition of #TheThrillerZone, and this time the microphone gets highjacked by a very smart, funny, beautiful and engaging woman.  Please welcome @TheTammyTemple, Estates Manager of N4FL Worldwide, and our very special Guest Host of The Thriller Zone Podcast.…

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Detective Norelli is back in The Impostor

It’s been one year since Detective Patricia “Pat” Norelli nearly caught a serial killer in Hollywood.  In The Poser, Hollywood starlet Meredith Johansen wins an Oscar on a Sunday night in Hollywood. The next morning, she is found murdered in her Bel Air home. Or was she? That’s when rookie Detective Pat Norelli begged her…

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Flying Solo as I read a sample of Devour

Devour Audio Sample

On today’s Naked Monday, I fly solo for today’s episode and go off the usual path, as I read an excerpt from my upcoming psychological thriller, DEVOUR. I promise; it’s just a few chapters. DEVOUR goes on sale 11.05.20, and you can pre-order it from Amazon, or Apple. Listen to the podcast & watch the trailer…

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