Edgar-winning Author & Music-Wine-Thesaurus Connoisseur: Meg Gardiner

My special guest on the latest episode of The Thriller Zone is thriller writer Meg Gardiner. As an Edgar-winning novelist who writes fast-paced and nail-biting “Hitchcockian” thrillers, Meg knows more than a thing or two about how to pull people in and keep them turning pages deep into the night; The Dark Corners of the Night, to be exact.

With three powerful series to her credit—The Evan Delaney Series, The Jo Beckett Series, and The Unsub Series, as well as three standalone thrillers, Meg shows no signs of slowing down. Learn more about all those books at: MegGardiner.com

In fact, Amazon Studios snagged the rights to The Dark Corners of the Night, and thanks to the brilliant agent/producer skills of The Story Factory’s Shane Salerno, we will anxiously await Caitlin Hendrix to keep us glued to the screen when the show debuts soon.

If you haven’t read Meg yet, see what some people in-the-know are saying:

@StephenKing says her #EvanDelaney is “the finest crime-suspense series he’s seen in 20 years”

@donwinslow says, “UNSUB scared the hell out of me”

@ALA_Booklist proclaims, “Gardiner is on a roll”

Please welcome one of my all-time favorite authors, the beautiful, talented and funny, Meg Gardiner.

PS: If you’d like to watch the uncut version, go to my YouTubeChannel.

PSS: Meg’s appearance happens to make my Favorite/Lucky/Prime number of 7!

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