Flying Solo as I read a sample of Devour

On today’s Naked Monday, I fly solo for today’s episode and go off the usual path, as I read an excerpt from my upcoming psychological thriller, DEVOUR. I promise; it’s just a few chapters.

DEVOUR goes on sale 11.05.20, and you can pre-order it from Amazon, or Apple. Listen to the podcast & watch the trailer below.

Book Description:

Master Chef Michael Rogan owns a world-renowned restaurant, is married to his college sweetheart, and has a daughter beginning college. His life is as picturesque as their mountaintop retreat overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

That is until Frederick Dalton, an old Army buddy turned Warden at San Quentin Prison, drifts in from the past with an odd request. He will release Michael’s estranged father—serving time on Death Row for the murder of his wife 30 years ago—in exchange for one small favor. Michael declines.

Michael’s life is again disrupted when his estranged brother Scott arrives unexpectedly looking for a job. Michael reluctantly agrees and things soon head sideways.

Scott is found dead in the restaurant’s freezer with Michael’s prized Chef’s knife in his chest. Police want to believe Michael when he claims he was out of town, but facts say otherwise.

Charged with murder, and facing his father’s same confinement, Michael must confront his worst nightmare, find the killer who set him up, and choose how far he will go to regain his freedom.


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