Chris Hauty, Thriller Author and Screenplay Writer

Chris Hauty is a fixture in Hollywood, having crafted a number of blockbuster screenplays. But you know what else? He’s also a helluva thriller writer.

His books Deep State, Savage Road, and the upcoming Storm Rising (May 2022), feature a spunky, smart character named Haley Chill.

You can tell this guy has a long future still ahead of him, as he has the magic touch to cut through the clutter, and deliver a page-turning read that’s certain to pleasure thriller writers everywhere.

You know what else? He’s one heck of a nice guy; someone I’m happy to call a new friend.

Please welcome a former Texan, now Californian, who promises to entertain for the next hour.

Special notes:

We share a fondness for the Robert DeNiro/Al Pacino film, HEAT, and reference one of our favorite scenes. If you’d like to watch it, go here.

Chris’ favorite authors include: Jonathan Franzen and Cormac McCarthy. He’s interested in reading about Ulysses S. Grant, dining with Abe Lincoln (along with me and my wife), and envisions long stretches of time scooting around on his Triumph bike on a quiet Greek Island, reading Louis-Ferdinand Celine, while listening to Miles Davis.

If you’d like to learn more about Chris, read his books, follow him socially, etc. go here:, on Twitter @chrishauty, and on Insta @chrishauty.

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