Chris Hauty, Thriller Author and Screenplay Writer

Chris Hauty is a fixture in Hollywood, having crafted a number of blockbuster screenplays. But you know what else? He’s also a helluva thriller writer. His books Deep State, Savage Road, and the upcoming Storm Rising (May 2022), feature a spunky, smart character named Haley Chill. You can tell this guy has a long future…

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NY Times bestselling author Ted Bell on The Thriller Zone

Ted Bell on The Thriller Zone

After crafting 14 New York Times bestsellers centering around his swashbuckling and James Bond-like Alex Hawke character, one might think Ted Bell was satisfied with his epic life’s body of work and is perhaps ready for retirement. But you couldn’t be more wrong. Former Advertising Executive and life-long adventure-seeker, Ted has oodles of stories to…

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Is there a Doctor in the house?

My special guest today is Barbara Ann Temple, Ph.D. “Barb” is a writer, teacher, entrepreneur, documentary filmmaker, curriculum-developer, thought-shaper, and life-changer. As a web-building, chatbot-designing, long distance running athlete, she loves dogs (especially Beagles), craft beer (even NA), reading (historical fiction, please), and “Glamping” (Airstreams, of course). She has a deep appreciation of the educational…

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Author, Podcast, and Closet-Guitarist, Frank Zafiro

Frank Zafiro takes his many years of military and police experience then weaves that knowledge and insight into the pages of over 30 books, including the crime fiction “River City Series,” the Charlie-16 Series with Colin Conway, and much more. Frank served as a Czechoslovak linguist in the U.S. Army, served as both a police officer…

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Hector and Pam Magnus of ArchitectsMagnus

On today’s RAD VIBES ONLY with David & Tammy, we are grateful to spend time with two dear friends. Hector & Pam Magnus, owners/creators of are a super-talented husband/wife team of Architects in San Diego. Since launching their company in 2001, these two highly-educated and thoroughly talented artists have created dozens of beautiful homes.…

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Author, Writer, Podcaster and Ironman Certified Coach Carrie Barrett

Carrie Barrett Promo Sheet

My super-special guest today is Carrie Barrett, a woman of many talents. With a background in Fitness, Radio, and Standup/Sketch Comedy, her humor and inspiration embellishes the talks she gives to a variety of groups in and around her home of Austin. As a USA Triathlon Certified Coach, The 2019 USAT Ambassador, and an Ironman Certified Coach, Carrie is also…

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LA Music Producer Joey Pepe

Joey Pepe

On the today’s episode of Naked Monday, please join me as my guest is another super-creative talent. Joey Pepe is a music producer in Los Angeles. He’s also one-half of the production/writing duo of @btwnmusic with Zack Burke, and he’s one-third member of the talented electronic indie rock band SLEEPLUST MUSIC whose EP “Silent Panic”…

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Naked Monday Podcast Premiere

Welcome to the launch of my podcast, NAKED MONDAY. Today’s guest has 25+ years of experience in business development with a focus on turn-around strategies for mid-sized companies. Her current endeavor is working as Estates Manager for a Who’s-Who Hi-Tech Billionaire. Anyone who has met and/or worked with her speaks to her vivid enthusiasm, genuine…

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