Chris Hauty, Thriller Author and Screenplay Writer

Chris Hauty is a fixture in Hollywood, having crafted a number of blockbuster screenplays. But you know what else? He’s also a helluva thriller writer. His books Deep State, Savage Road, and the upcoming Storm Rising (May 2022), feature a spunky, smart character named Haley Chill. You can tell this guy has a long future…

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Caitlin Rother New York Time Bestselling True Crime Author

Hello and welcome to The Thriller Zone, I’m David Temple. Today, I’m honored to have New York Times Bestselling True Crime Author and Pulitzer Prize Nominee, Caitlin Rother on the show. As you’ll quickly learn, Caitlin is an aficionado when it comes to true crime. And with 19 years of Investigative Journalism and 14 books…

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NY Times bestselling author Ted Bell on The Thriller Zone

Ted Bell on The Thriller Zone

After crafting 14 New York Times bestsellers centering around his swashbuckling and James Bond-like Alex Hawke character, one might think Ted Bell was satisfied with his epic life’s body of work and is perhaps ready for retirement. But you couldn’t be more wrong. Former Advertising Executive and life-long adventure-seeker, Ted has oodles of stories to…

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Thriller Author & Screenwriter Adam Hamdy is on fire

Thriller Author & Screenwriter Adam Hamdy

British Thriller Novelist & Screenwriter Adam Hamdy knows more than a thing or two about conspiracy. As author of the Pendulum Series, and his latest, BLACK 13—the Scott Pearce series, Adam is also co-writer of Private Moscow & Private Rogue, alongside James Patterson. Besides author, Adam is also on the board of both International Thriller Writers (home…

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