New York Times Bestselling Author Don Bentley

Thriller Zone - Don Bentley Poster

Today on this blog, as well as on The Thriller Zone Podcast, and my YouTube Channel, I’m happy to welcome New York Times Bestselling author Don Bentley. Don is one of those brave Americans who has served his country in several ways, and who—along with his wife—has managed to build professions while raising three children.…

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NY Times bestselling author Ted Bell on The Thriller Zone

Ted Bell on The Thriller Zone

After crafting 14 New York Times bestsellers centering around his swashbuckling and James Bond-like Alex Hawke character, one might think Ted Bell was satisfied with his epic life’s body of work and is perhaps ready for retirement. But you couldn’t be more wrong. Former Advertising Executive and life-long adventure-seeker, Ted has oodles of stories to…

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Thriller Writer Sharon Doering is dark and funny

Thriller Zone - Sharon Doering

Thriller writer Sharon Doering may have grown up in a normal suburban neighborhood outside Chicago, with normal parents, who worked normal jobs, while living a normal life. And even though Sharon, a wife and mother of three children, does most of the normal things an American housewife does, she has been getting away with murder.…

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Thriller Author & Screenwriter Adam Hamdy is on fire

Thriller Author & Screenwriter Adam Hamdy

British Thriller Novelist & Screenwriter Adam Hamdy knows more than a thing or two about conspiracy. As author of the Pendulum Series, and his latest, BLACK 13—the Scott Pearce series, Adam is also co-writer of Private Moscow & Private Rogue, alongside James Patterson. Besides author, Adam is also on the board of both International Thriller Writers (home…

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Thriller Writer Joe Goldberg’s The Spy Devils

joe goldberg thriller writer

Joe Goldberg always wanted to write. Even when he was working for the CIA as a Covert Action Officer. But he pressed on, working to bring down the bad guys as they tried to foil justice. Then, working as a Corporate Intelligence Director for Motorola, he received the Meritorious Award, recognized for significant contributions to…

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Someone hijacked my show

Well, here’s a first: I have someone interviewing me on my own show! As promised here’s another edition of #TheThrillerZone, and this time the microphone gets highjacked by a very smart, funny, beautiful and engaging woman.  Please welcome @TheTammyTemple, Estates Manager of N4FL Worldwide, and our very special Guest Host of The Thriller Zone Podcast.…

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KJ Howe’s Skyjack

Today, I launched Episode #2 of my new podcast, The Thriller Zone, where my special guest is KJ Howe, author of Skyjack. In the spirit of transparency, this is a rebroadcast of an episode posted late last year. It aired on my other podcast, Naked Monday. I enjoyed my time with KJ so much, I…

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A Review of The Impostor by Matt Pechey

First and foremost, a large thank you to Reedsy Discovery and David Temple for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review. Please note this review includes SPOILERS! Discovering new authors is one of the things I like most about being an active book reviewer.…

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Behind The Scenes: Making of The Impostor

In preparation for the upcoming release of my latest thriller…THE IMPOSTOR (7.1), I ran across this behind-the-scene moment. I recall it well, as it was about the time I was defining the outline. It’s a fun time-lapse that shows just a blip of the process.   Click here to watch  (opens in YouTube) If you…

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The Body Man is a dream come true for Eric Bishop

Eric P. Bishop grew up in Connecticut, and has lived in the Rockies and the Pacific Northwest, before settling he and his family in South Carolina. He began his writing career around 2014, and while The Body Man is his fourth completed novel, he’s spent a great deal of time honing his writing craft with…

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