Knuckle Down

 New York City Mayor Lukas Burton’s only daughter vanishes from Central Park in the middle of the day, right from under her Nanny’s nose, leaving no clues at all.

Within hours, the kidnappers create a spectacle by displaying their chilling ransom note on dozens of screens in the middle of Times Square.

Burton pays an enormous ransom and his daughter is returned. But now young Abigail is rigged with enough explosives to destroy the Upper Eastside’s Gracie Mansion.

The kidnappers raise the stakes, asking for a second ransom that could bankrupt the Mayor and ruin his chances of becoming the next President of the United States.

Terrified and impatient, Burton’s wife Clare takes matters in her hands, calling on an old flame, Carter Matheson, to use his Special Ops prowess to hunt down the terrorists and save their daughter.

Facing an impossible deadline, a human bomb, and an invisible opponent with too much power, Carter and team must race the clock and disarm the situation before all hell breaks loose.

If you enjoy thrillers that have you staying up late into the night, turning pages at a feverish pace, then you will love the third book in the Carter Matheson Series.

Readers have compared David Temple’s Carter Matheson to John Sanford’s Lucas Davenport and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher. One thing is sure: You can’t put it down!

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Behind the 8 Ball



When Carter Matheson and Mack McKenzie learn Carter's father Lt. Col. "Bulldog" Matheson and business partner Sergeant Black are kidnapped during a return flight from Nicaragua, Carter and team jump back into the sh#t!

Their investigation leads them to Havana, Cuba for a confrontation with the dangerous drugs & arms dealer, Donovan Blair. Known as Scorpion, Blair is working with the double-crossing Washington Whip Dr. Leonard Caprese.

Once again trading information for arms, along with a heavy dose of cash for added incentive, Carter and his team struggle to save lives under the most dangerous of circumstances. Set just days after the end of Lucky Strikes, this compulsive thriller turns up the heat as Carter spares no expense (or ammunition) in bringing down one of the world's most notorious killers.

Lives are on the line as money, drugs and power form the divide between good and evil. Dangerous men with dark intentions threaten not only the lives of Carter and his crew but America's national security.

If you enjoy Lee Child's Jack Reacher and Jack Carr's James Reese, you will devour the pages of David Temple's Carter Matheson Thriller Series.

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