Chasing Grace

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Published by: St Simons Press (1st Edition) & 82MERCER Publishing (2nd Edition)
Release Date: January 11, 2010
Pages: 326
ISBN13: 978-1655632235




It's a perfect afternoon in small-town America, as the Matheson family celebrate Grace's ninth birthday. But when an unimaginable accident happens, it threatens to tear the family apart, as it threatens their faith.

With some time, but not without pain, an incredible transformation begins to take place. The Mission Grove community comes to realize that bad things do happen to good people, but also true: time can heal all wounds.

Chasing Grace is based upon real events, and is full of rich characters wrapped in complex drama and poignant lessons. It's also a powerful story of how a family learns to transform the pain of loss into the power of love, and how it is as important to forgive yourself, as it is to forgive others.

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“David Temple, shares a powerful story about tragedy, grace, and forgiveness. As as ordained Presbyterian minister, I find myself identifying with Pastor Jonathan Matheson. On the outside, ministers appear to have all of the answers, but we struggle. The real world closes in after leaving the pulpit on Sunday morning; a healthy marriage requires hard work, raising children is a lifelong challenge, and Lord knows we try to hide our personal demons. Matheson, is a man every father can identify with. Despite the pain in his life, he remains a tragic hero teaching anyone willing to listen about the power of forgiveness.”
-William K., TN

“This is an unpredictable and heart-warming story of one family's ability to overcome one of life's most difficult challenges while learning how to forgive grace. David Temple's first novel is written in short chapters that make this an easy read and compel you to read just one more chapter. This is one novel that inspires and definitely begs a sequel.”
- Julie H, NC

“I enjoyed the book very much. It brought tears to my eyes a few times. I highly recommend it. The book moved along at a very fast pace, and I couldn't put it down. Hopefully there is a sequel in the works. Purchase the book; it's worth every penny.”
-Mary R., MN

“I am amazed at the words written in this book. I couldn't wait to turn the pages to see what was going to happen next. Love that there are still Authors out there that think forgiveness and redemption…is still something amazing to write about. Very refreshing and inspiring! I would absolutely recommend this book to everyone.”
- Mary K, IL

“While the theme is familiar, what sets this novel apart is how complex family relationships are intertwined with their strong faith in God and how both bring both touching moments and intense ones. More than a book about dealing with grief, this novel gives close attention to each of the characters; the burden of emotion each one carries--from anger, grief, guilt, and confusion--moves the story forward. This was a multi-layered story that was both heart-warming and sad while, also touching and poignant.”
-Cristina A., AZ

“A very good read.”
-Julie6, UK

“As an avid reader, it's always a joy to discover an author who can accurately embody the voice of his characters - whether old, young, male, female, sinister or debonair. David Temple accomplishes this cover to cover, allowing the reader to truly be consumed by the story. Of course, the twists and turns of the novel keep the pages turning, but my favorite chapter consists of a conversation between a mother and son. Again, I don't know how he did it, but Temple is able to flawlessly convey the love, frustrations and trust between mother and son dealing with tragedy and the necessity of moving forward. I’m looking forward to reading the next installment!”
-Caylene B, NC

“A great book is one you cannot put down, chock full of intriguing characters you miss once finished, and about whom desire to learn more. Additionally, the rare book leaves a lasting feeling that inspires and compels you to change course in your life. This was that book for me. I loved the story's plot and characters, proving to be a page turner full of surprising twists and turns. But, the inspiration of forgiveness was the gift I unexpectedly received. It challenged me to examine my relationships, choose to embrace forgiveness, and reap the rewards that awaited. I love that a book can serve as such a catalyst in life!”
-W. Seward, NY

“After being shocked by a tragic beginning, I found myself captivated by this precious story of a family in desperate need of the grace only God can give. As life hands them this unimaginable tragedy, one by one they find themselves longing to fill the void of unforgiveness and loss. It was exciting to follow each individual character as they walked the path of sorrow to find God walking by them all the while.”
-Julie S., NC

“Grace is a heart-warming novel that takes the reader on some surprising turns. David’s style of writing kept me engaged, even though I don't normally read novels. What is evident throughout this book is Temple isn't just telling a story - he is communicating a message we all need to hear.”
-Russell B., NC

“David Temple pulls the reader in from the very beginning and the pace of the plot keeps the pages turning! I loved this unforgettable story about love, loss & forgiveness. I highly recommend sharing this story with someone you love, and look forward to future novels from this talented writer!”