Thriller and Mystery writer, Suzanne Chazin

Hello and welcome to another episode of The Thriller Zone, I’m your host, David Temple.

Before we start, I have to say I’m one of the luckiest guys in the world. I mean, besides having a lovely and brilliant wife, an adorable dog, and a great life in Southern California, I get to hang out and talk with some of the most talented thriller writers in the world today. I mean, c’mon…how cool is that? I’m really quite grateful.

And today is no different, because on today’s episode I get to sit down with Suzanne Chazin. Suzanne’s a talented writer of not one, but two series: Jimmy Vega and Georgia Skeehan. She’s twice been the recipient of the Washington Irving Book Award for Fiction, and her work has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers. She lives and writes in the New York City area.

Oh, and by the way, her BEST piece of advice, you may have heard before, but she builds a really substantial argument for: DON’T QUIT!

Now, I’ll stop babbling and get to it by welcoming Suzanne Chazin to THE THRILLER ZONE.




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