Is there a Doctor in the house?

My special guest today is Barbara Ann Temple, Ph.D.

“Barb” is a writer, teacher, entrepreneur, documentary filmmaker, curriculum-developer, thought-shaper, and life-changer. As a web-building, chatbot-designing, long distance running athlete, she loves dogs (especially Beagles), craft beer (even NA), reading (historical fiction, please), and “Glamping” (Airstreams, of course).

She has a deep appreciation of the educational system (Let’s go, Arts & Science Council). She’s an advocate of those less advantaged (and works hard to change that), and is—in my honest opinion—likely one of best public speakers out there. [You know I had to get in an “em dash”]

As a partner, sibling, aunt, and friend, she has spent a lifetime creating experiences that enrich the lives of others. My favorite thing is that she’s my little sister & best friend!


Glamping, reading & dogs: things that make her heart sing.

Barb joins the show today, not only to wish me a Happy Birthday, but to share her vast knowledge of the educational system, and provide insights of what she feels a writer should focus on in their professional journey. As you will hear on the podcast, we enjoy a good many laughs, too.

This will go down as one of my favorite episodes, because it’s what Naked Monday is all about: Real conversations with creative people passionate about their craft.

Please welcome Barbara Ann!

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