Author, Podcast, and Closet-Guitarist, Frank Zafiro

Frank Zafiro takes his many years of military and police experience then weaves that knowledge and insight into the pages of over 30 books, including the crime fiction “River City Series,” the Charlie-16 Series with Colin Conway, and much more.

Frank served as a Czechoslovak linguist in the U.S. Army, served as both a police officer and detective in the Spokane Police Department, and has served many students while teaching law enforcement in university and in writing workshops.

In his spare time, Frank hosts the podcast Wrong Place, Write Crime, where he talks to other writers about their craft…just like we’re doing here. Kick back and dig in, it’s gonna be a ride!

LISTEN as we get down & gritty on my podcast, Naked Monday:

The following are just a handful of Frank’s many books, as found on his website:

frank zafiro books


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