Andrews-Wilson are a super-star writing Duo

It’s always cool when you get to meet an author whose work you admire. It’s also nice to meet someone in the spotlight who ends up being a genuinely nice person. So imagine my delight as I welcome not one, but TWO authors who are prolific in their output and massive in their talent. AND super nice, grounded people, to boot! That’s why I’m honored today to have these two special guests on my show.

Brian Andrews is a nuclear engineer who served as an officer on a fast-attack submarine in the Pacific, he’s a Park Leadership Fellow, has a master’s degree in business from Cornell, and holds a psychology degree from Vanderbilt. He is also the author of The Think Tank series and the Sci-Fi thriller, Reset.

Jeffrey Wilson has been an actor, a firefighter, a paramedic, a jet pilot, a diving instructor, a Naval Officer, and a Vascular & Trauma Surgeon. He served in the Navy as a combat surgeon, deploying with the Marines and later with an East Coast based SEAL Team, and is the author of 3 supernatural thrillers, Fade to Black, The Donors, and The Traiteur’s Ring as well as the faith-based War Torn. (It’s good)

But it’s the moniker, ANDREWS & WILSON that most fans know them by. This is especially true to the hardcore fans who have discovered their Tier One Series, which includes their latest thriller Collateral (Amzn, 11.1.20).

tier one series

Tier One Series

These guys show no sign of slowing down, as they are locked & loaded to deliver three rounds of power from their mighty pens. They include: Sons of Valor Series, a three-book deal from Blackstone, The Shepherd Series, another 3-book series from Tyndale House, and they will be writing the W.E.B. Griffin Presidential Agent Series on behalf of the Griffin Estate for Putnam. Yeah, that’s a LOT of writing…and a LOT of books every year. Please welcome, Andrews-Wilson!

By the way, you can learn more about them here:,, and of course,

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