Confessions of a Radio Geek

Me: “Hi, my name is David. I’m a radio geek.”
Them: “Hi, David. Welcome to Radio Geeks Anonymous.”

There, I said it.

From an early age, I wanted to be on the radio. It was just after my voice changed when the realization hit me. When does that traditionally happen? And by that I mean the “voice change” and not the “realization of desiring a profession in which many dream but few are chosen”?

According to award-winning, board-certified pediatrician, lactation counselor, husband & proud father of 3 boys Dan Brennan, of WebMD says:

The hormones in puberty cause vocal cords to get thicker and longer. One day, around age 13, your high-pitched voice will suddenly “crack.” This is normal and will eventually stop. When you’re almost done with puberty a couple of years later, your voice will be deeper, and it will stay that way.

Yeah, that’s about right. Actually, for me it was closer to 12, but who’s counting. Anyhow, right there around 6th grade—besides growing a thin & funny moustache, while my height increased by 6 inches, my feet by 3 shoe sizes, and developing a case of acne that would give a pepperoni pizza a run for their money…my voice changed.

That turned out to be particularly interesting, and quite hilarious. And by that I mean the “voice change” and not the “holy hell I’ll never get a date with a pretty cheerleader now—not with these skis for feet, a moustache people laugh at, and a height that is not only head-and-shoulders above others, but portions of mid-chest, too.”

Back to voice: I can’t tell you how many times in class I would say something—from the back of the room, of course—and the teacher was instantly look to the door, thinking one of their co-workers had snuck in to ask a question. Yeah, I had a LOT of fun with that.

I was reminded of this during the podcast, I Could Never Do That, hosted by Carrie Barrett. On the show, Carrie had me trip down memory lane (in my Size 12’s…at 12 years old), as to when I knew I wanted to be in radio. Yes, friends, she’s a Radio Geek, too, and proud of it. We had a blast “geeking out.”

I Could Never Do That by Carrie Barrett

Fortunately, that passion became an all-consuming passion that helped lead me to a great career in radio, actualizing my dream. I went from the tiny town of Lynchburg, VA to Norfolk/Portsmouth/Va.Beach, and from Detroit to Chicago, then Los Angeles, and finally to New York. What a ride it was! And for those who are interested in formats (as you’ll hear on Carrie’s podcast), they included: Beautiful Music, News/Talk, Soft AC, Hot AC, AOR, Top 40, Old Country, and ending up on the Hot Country format.

As you might imagine, my love for radio lives on today, as you’ll hear on my Podcasts, Naked Monday and Rad Vibes Only (with wife, Tammy). You can listen to them on this website. Just remember to Subscribe. Oh, and if you’d like to be a guest, just reach out to me. I’d love to have you. The only requirements? Be passionate about your life’s calling, share with me your creative drive to be the best in your field…and let me know you’re all about Rad Vibes!

Now, give a listen to Carrie and me, as we geek out on her “radio show.” Thank you, Carrie, for your insights, kindness, and fellow geekness.

*The Featured Photo of this article was one of my very first “official” radio remotes. It was at the premiere of one of the first Chick Filet restaurants (that became a franchise) and took place in a mall (mid-to-late ’70’s). 

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