The Magic of Books

I’ve loved reading ever since I was a child. Beginning with Curious George, Mr. Magoo, and Captain Kangaroo, I was captivated by these simple yet exciting worlds. Along the way there would be Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss, and Stuart Little and of course, Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White…to name a few.

I would soon venture into far away places with The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, and The Hardy Boys by Franklin Dixon.

Funny side note, my neighbor Ed, has “re-introduced” me to Dick & Jane (one of my/our earliest memories), by providing some irreverent and HIGH-larious “adaptations” of a modern Dick & Jane. I sometimes read excerpts to Tammy (often over cocktails) at the end of a hard day, and laugh until I cry. I’m sure I could get Ed to print you a copy if you’d like.







All those books (and many, many more) were wonderful. And later in school, I became fascinated with history, thanks to Ms. Evelyn Powell my 4th grade teacher, whom I dearly loved.

It wouldn’t be until later that I my tastes would “mature” as I enjoyed some of the classics such as: To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.




I say all of this to share how BOOKS, and reading, and discovery, and expanding our minds…has come to provide so many of us a delightful respite from the anxiety, confusion, and disorder that the current Covid epidemic has brought us.



These days, there are so many great books to enjoy. Take one of my personal favorites: Don Winslow, whose compilation of short stories in BROKEN provided me hours of luxurious entertainment. Trust me, you’ll see just how much of a Master Craftsman Don is with this book. And don’t even get me started about my other fave, THE FORCE. Or SAVAGES. Or THE CARTEL. Oh hell, I could go on for hours (which I will in an entire post dedicated to Don).

Next, there’s a relative newcomer to the pack. But trust me, in very short order, you’ll see what many of us do, that this guy is the real deal, and will be listed among the Very Biggest Thriller Writers of this generation. Who? Jack Carr (whom I still find myself typing in searches: James Reese, or Jack Reese, or James Carr. Read his latest work and you’ll see why. His book, SAVAGE SON is brutal, powerful and F’n exhilarating!


Another one is Adrian McKinty, a relative newcomer to my library, but one whom I’ll revisit for his older books. His THE CHAIN is profound for its originality alone. The fact he has a helluva knack for suspense is a bonus. And yes, just like all of Don’s books, it will be made into a film. Or, as in Jack’s case, a television series.

Yes, having a TV Series for my Detective Pat Norelli Series (hint, hint) is just one of my Ultimate Dream. And it’s coming.

In closing, I couldn’t talk about these legends (both current and up-and-coming) without mentioning one of the kindest and most engaging women I’ve met: Meg Gardiner. Her THE DARK CORNERS OF THE NIGHT is nail-biting from page one, and never lets go. Psst: You’ll also love UNSUB. She’s the mack-daddy of kick-ass women who get the job done!

Yes, I’ll provide reviews of each of these books, plus others, in forthcoming blogs.

Look, I could go on for hours about my favorite authors, or my favorite books, but the bottom line is this: If you’re a writer, you write. If you’re a reader,  you read. And if you’re a fan, you…well, follow your heroes.

And whether you’re young or old, enjoy reading books of mystery or medicine, you rip through the pages of a solid thriller or thought-provoking inspiration…A Good Book is a Good Thing.

Discover frequently. Escape often. Read always.


And before I go, allow me to interject a few gratuitous selfies with the aforementioned authors. And no, I was not compensated for any of these suggestions.

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